Grygoriy Pustovit


Grygoriy is a finance lawyer (English solicitor and Ukrainian advocate) and experienced researcher with a multidisciplinary background in economics and finance. Among his acumen areas are banking supervision and corporate governance, compliance (AFC, KYC and AML), corporate and sovereign debt issuance and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, structured finance and derivatives, payment systems and crypto-assets, German and international arbitration. During his career and education, he benefited from a diverse, multicultural experience of living and working in Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, England, Ukraine. He is entrepreneurial and tech-savvy with an analytical and solution-oriented mindset.

He authored a number of articles for law journals and is a guest contributor to the Oxford Business Law Blog on FinTech topics. Recently, one of his publications about the use of the IMF Article VIII(2)(b) for sovereign debt standstills was included by United Nations to the Menu of Options for the Considerations of Ministers of Finance of all 193 Member States of the United Nations. Also, he consulted the UNCTAD and contributed to its Trade and Development Report 2019 in the area of debt and development.






Dr. Grygoriy Pustovit
Senior Sanctions Advisor,
Global Sanctions Advisory
Deutsche Bank AG