Gregory Dellas


Gregory is the Chief Compliance and Innovation Officer at ECOMMBX. Previously, at the Bank of Cyprus, he served as Director Wealth & Markets and spearheaded the AML Risk Management team within International Banking Services, responsible for high-risk clients and transactions and for providing guidance and specialized training to management and staff. Before that he served as the Group MLRO for a large Cyprus bank, and held a number of other senior management positions.

He is the founder and Chair of the ACAMS Cyprus Chapter, since 2015. He holds several international professional certifications including CGSS, CAMS (Advanced) – Risk and CAMS (Advanced) – Audit. He is a certified CAMS instructor and content creator for ACAMS and a GCI accredited trainer, a Fellow of ICA (FICA) and a long-standing member of the AMLP Forum and AGRC. He also holds an MBA from Lancaster University in the UK and a BSC (Hons) Industrial economics from the University of Warwick.




Gregory Dellas 
Chief Compliance & Innovation Officer