Gareth Dunn


Gareth is the Regional Head of Investigative Reporting and Nominated Officer for HSBC UK; further serving as the deputy chair of the industry Nominated Officer forum. Supporting the bank to meet its regulatory and legal obligations, he oversees the bank’s investigation function with regards to the reporting of Money Laundering; while providing industry expertise in support of the wider bank’s policies, procedures, training and regulatory compliance.

Gareth started out his career in Law Enforcement, including spells within a proactive policing unit, CID and Organised Crime Financial Investigations. A time overseas with a designated Anti-Corruption unit followed, before returning to take up a Fraud Stewardship role within a UK Top 6 bank. Moving into AML by taking a leading position within the bank’s Financial Investigation Unit, he’s operated within financial services for the last 7 years





Gareth Dunn
Head AML Investigations & Nominated Officer