Emma Luxton


Emma is Head of Proceeds of Crime and International Assistance at the Serious Fraud Office and has prosecuted a number of high profile fraud and bribery cases including Smith & Ouzman that saw the first post-trial conviction for a corporate for overseas bribery and led to a novel compensation arrangement with the victim state.

Emma co-drafted the CPS and SFO’s Deferred Prosecution Agreement Code of Practice that sits alongside the DPA legislation. She secured the UK’s second DPA, Sarclad Ltd and then the sixth DPA, Guralp Ltd.

Emma has worked with the OECD Working Group on Bribery including drafting the UK contribution to the 2019 study “Resolving foreign bribery cases with non-trial resolutions” and has recently edited the SFO DPA guidance recently published.





Emma Luxton
Head of Proceeds of Crime & International Assistance