Anton Alferov


Anton is a Regional Compliance Counsel (Eurasia) with Halliburton. He graduated from the Moscow State Law Academy in 1997 and received his Ph.D. in law from the Institute of State and Law of Russian Academy of Science. He has been involved in the management of international development and local self-government projects activities. His areas of expertise include project management‚ contract administration‚ grants management‚ logistics‚ financial management‚ contract negotiation‚ creation of branch offices‚ administrative systems design and implementation‚ etc. 

He is responsible for implementation of the Halliburton compliance program in Russia‚ CIS and countries of Asia and Eastern Europe‚ including but not limited with revision of contracts in terms of compliance to FCPA‚ UK Anti-Bribery Act‚ domestic legislation‚ conducting Due Diligence on vendors‚ assure compliance with legislation on IP‚ personal data protection‚ labor law‚ etc. He is also responsible for development and implementation of compliance training program in the Region and periodic compliance audit in the countries of the Region.





Anton Alferov
Sr. Counsel, Regional Compliance for Europe