Moody’s Analytics


Moody’s Analytics KYC solutions enable regulated businesses to assess, screen, and monitor risk associated with individuals and companies in their network. Streamlining AML compliance, automating KYC processes, reducing workload, and providing an accurate view of risk.

With more than 400 million entities and 14 million risk profiles on individuals and companies, our solutions monitor 700 million entities on behalf of customers every day.

Moody’s Analytics provides solutions that automate anti-financial crime and compliance processes. We support firms to safely onboard millions of customers each year in 197 countries, then manage risk and compliance standards throughout the customer lifecycle.

Our solutions are designed for the digital economy: hardware-free, affordable, flexible to configure and easy to use, with constant feature innovation and a choice of deployment options. Our low to no-code solution thrives on complexity, solving compliance challenges at scale without being costly to implement or evolve. We support multiple customer types and product lines, with effortless expansion across 211 jurisdictions.

Moody’s Analytics removes the compromise between compliance and customer experience in the fight against financial crime, giving you the confidence you’re doing business responsibly.

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