Moody’s Analytics


Moody’s Analytics is transforming compliance and third-party risk management. Integrating award-winning data, workflow automation, and AI-driven solutions, we are creating a world where risk is understood so decisions can be made with confidence.

With innovative technology and industry expertise, Moody’s Analytics automates perpetual monitoring of counterparty risk across global networks in near real-time. We work with customers to shape their know your customer (KYC), anti-financial crime, risk, and compliance programs around their risk appetite, operational needs, and strategic goals.

Customers build a unique risk management ecosystem, tailored around their policies and compliance obligations. Leveraging Moody’s Analytics digital-first solutions for efficiency, scalability, and flexibility, customers manage processes from customer and supplier onboarding to enhanced due diligence and risk monitoring.

Moody’s Analytics is helping customers build a picture of risk across 197 countries, and 211 jurisdictions, screening against our database of +21 million risk profiles, +472 million entities, and +47,000 sanctioned entities.

Our data-driven solutions empower risk and compliance professionals to make decisions efficiently and effectively, using a risk-based approach. Staying ahead of risks and ensuring the integrity of operations.

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