Blackdot Solutions


Blackdot Solutions helps organisations to reduce risk using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). From alerts prioritisation, to onboarding or due diligence, to complex financial intelligence cases: our platform Videris supports investigators in leveraging live internet data efficiently, accurately and securely to understand and reduce threats at scale.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce false postives while quickly identifying risk: Replace error-prone alert reduction with deep, context-driven risk analysis.
  • Reduce time spent on manual research: Automate the collection and processing of internal, shared and open source data, freeing up time for more thorough analysis – and better decisions.
  • Never miss an important connection: Access all the data you need from within a single platform and automatically cross-reference it to find similarities and networks.
  • Understand data faster: Rapidly visualise, demonstrate and interrogate relationships in just a few clicks.
  • Connect with current systems and tools: With flexible deployment and integration options, Videris can boost the capabilities of your current systems rather than replacing them.

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