FATF summarises Plenary outcomes held in June 2022

FATF members approved a report that will help the real estate sector to better detect and prevent money laundering, and finalised a targeted update on implementation of the FATF requirements on virtual assets and virtual asset service providers….

FATF removes Malta from grey list and adds Gibraltar

FATF congratulated Malta for the significant progress it has made in addressing the strategic AML/CFT deficiencies previously identified by the FATF and included in its action plan. Malta will no longer be subject to the FATF’s increased monitoring...

HM Treasury consultation outcome on MLRs

HMT publishes outcome of consultation on proposals to make some time-sensitive updates to the MLRs, required to ensure that the UK continues to meet international standards, whilst also strengthening and ensuring clarity on how the AML regime operates…

UNODC reports on drug trafficking in Afghanistan

This brief examines dimensions of seizure event data to enable early assessments of possible changes in trafficking patterns. Foreign traffickers arrested in the proximity of Afghanistan show a shift to greater national diversity since late 2020….

EBA main achievements in 2021 in its Annual Report

EBA published its Annual Report describing its activities and achievements in 2021 and also includes the strategic priorities for 2022  which include the review of the stress-testing framework, the implementation of the mandates in the area of AML/CFT, financial...