FATF Mutual Evaluation report of the UK

The UK remains compliant given the mechanisms in place to ensure the compatibility of AML/CFT requirements with rules on data protection and confidentiality and to promote the exchange of information among competent authorities….

JMLSG proposed amendments to Motor Finance sector

The requirements set out in the MLRs and the JMLSG Guidance are the minimum legal requirements that all FLA motor finance members must comply with in the battle against money laundering, fraud and terrorist funding. Members will undertake appropriate steps to...

HM Treasury consultation outcome on MLRs

HMT publishes outcome of consultation on proposals to make some time-sensitive updates to the MLRs, required to ensure that the UK continues to meet international standards, whilst also strengthening and ensuring clarity on how the AML regime operates…

NCA glossary codes & reporting routes for SARs

When submitting a SAR, the relevant glossary code should be included in the ‘Reason for Suspicion’ text space. Where you do report a crime alongside a SAR it will be good practice to include the crime reference and the organisation details in the SAR….

US and UK Govt on tackling global financial crime

US & UK Govt collaborate to develop prize challenges to generate technology innovation to help tackle the global challenge of financial crime. Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) could play a transformative role in addressing these financial crimes…